EnerSHIFT won the first prize at the European Energy Service Awards 2019 as the best proposal at European level in the field of energy saving applied to buildings. The award ceremony took place on February 20th after the annual “Investment Forum” organized by the European Commission and EASME in collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors. EnerSHIFT was the first of 33 projects presented by various European countries in the category “Energy Services Promoter”. The Berlin Energy Agency, together with the European Commission, is the recipient of the prestigious award which this year is organized in the framework of the Horizon 2020 project GuarantEE.

“We are very satisfied with this recognition – says the Regional Councillor for the building sector Marco Scajola – which confirms the commitment and great work of the Liguria Region to bring on our territory cutting-edge international projects and EnerSHIFT will be of extraordinary importance for the energy refurbishment of public social housing buildings”.

Since 2005, the Berlin Energy Agency and the European Commission award companies and projects of excellence in the field of energy services with the European Energy Service Award (EESA).
The competition is open to companies, institutions or individuals giving a strong contribution to the development of the energy services market, finding innovative solutions.
Projects can come from all energy sectors and must have achieved excellent results in terms of environmental and climate protection, in the application of innovative technologies or customized solutions that meet the specific needs of end users.
In the past years, the award was assigned to prestigious institutions such as the Austrian Ministry of Culture, various European Energy Agencies and, in 2014, by Consip, the Italian national procurement center.

EnerSHIFT is the winner of 2019 because it is an innovative project, unique in Italy, which for the first time bans energy savings to redevelop public SH buildings.
In 2018 all the EnerSHIFT tenders were concluded: the concession contract for the EPC in the province of Genoa was awarded and the executive planning is being drafted; the concession for the Provinces of Savona, Imperia and La Spezia is currently being awarded. Meanwhile, the tenders financed by the Region with 5 € million funds of the ERDF programming have all been awarded and the works will start shortly.

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