Social Housing Innovative Financing Tender for Energy

Enershift uses innovative financing models to promote the ENERGY REFURBISHMENT of public housing in Liguria.

15 million euros invested
76 buildings involved
3.050 dwellings improved in living conditions
3.942 fewer tonnes of CO2 emissions

The deadline for the submission of the offers to the EnerSHIFT call for tender for the energy refurbishment of the SHO’s Ligurian buildings through EPC contracts is extended from 12.00 on 15/11/2017 to 12.00 on 18/12/2017.

On October the 3rd, EnerSHIFT was presented to the large energy market operators community in Amsterdam at the European Utility Week 2017, one of the most important European events dedicated to innovation and information for utilities and smart-cities. The coordinator illustrated to the public the strategy adopted by the EnerSHIFT partnership to reach the main […]

On September the 6th, at the Regione Liguria premises, the EnerSHIFT tender for energy refurbishment through EPC contracts has been presented to the Trade Associations of companies in the Energy Efficiency sector and to Banking Representatives. The project coordinator explained the legal and financial structure of the competition, the modalities of participation, the awarding criteria […]


  • Feb 2017
    Liguria Region creates a permanent regional task force on innovative financing
  • Jan 2017
    Tenants unions begin meetings with tenants
  • Nov 2016
    General inventory with energy performance, consumption and cost indicators
  • August 2016
    Feasibility studies and energy audits for all 44 buildings
  • July 2016
    Liguria Region establishes a national stakeholders platform
  • April 2016
    Training seminar for ARTE technical staff

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