Social Housing Innovative Financing Tender for Energy

Enershift uses innovative financing models to promote the ENERGY REFURBISHMENT of public housing in Liguria.

45% minimum energy saving
76 buildings involved
3.050 dwellings improved in living conditions
3.942 fewer tonnes of CO2 emissions

The final conference of EnerSHIFT: “Innovative financial models for the energy retrofit of Public Residential Building” was held in Genoa on November 22nd in the Sala dei Chierici of the Berio Library. A moment of discussion to take stock of the opportunities of an innovative project which promoted the energy refurbishment of 76 buildings housing […]

EnerSHIFT won the first prize at the European Energy Service Awards 2019 as the best proposal at European level in the field of energy saving applied to buildings. The award ceremony took place on February 20th after the annual “Investment Forum” organized by the European Commission and EASME in collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors. […]

On November 23rd EnerSHIFT organized in Genoa the third “National Stakeholders Platform”, an opportunity to gather around the same table public institutions (Liguria Region, Ministries, national ESI fund Managing Authorities, ENEA, GSE), trade associations of the energy, construction, and banking sectors and representatives of other European projects dealing with energy efficiency in buildings. Focus of the […]


  • Jan 2019
    Sign contracts for ERDF co-financed tenders
  • Sep 2018
    Award of the EPC call for tenders - Lot Genoa
  • May 2018
    Launch of new EPC call for ARTE IM-SV-SP
  • Dec 2017
    ENERSHIFT closing call
  • Sep 2017
    Presentation of the EPC invitation to tender to ESCOs and banking institutions
  • August 2017
    Launch of the EnerSHIFT call for EPC contracts for ESCos
  • March 2017
    Definition of the tender outline and of the financial sustainability plan
  • Feb 2017
    Liguria Region creates a permanent regional task force on innovative financing
  • Jan 2017
    Tenants unions begin meetings with tenants
  • Nov 2016
    General inventory with energy performance, consumption and cost indicators
  • August 2016
    Feasibility studies and energy audits for all 44 buildings
  • July 2016
    Liguria Region establishes a national stakeholders platform
  • April 2016
    Training seminar for ARTE technical staff

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