ENERSHIFT receives the “Sustainable PA Award: 100 projects for 2030 Agenda”

On May 23rd, during the national forum of Italian Public Administration, EnerSHIFT received the
“Sustainable PA Award”, a national praise reserved to the winners of the national competition: “100 projects to achieve the objectives of the Agenda 2030”.
The public recognition was received by the project officer during the conference “Italy 2030: how to bring Italy on a path of sustainable development”, after his participation as a speaker at the event: “A new public procurement for an effective Public-Private Partnership”.
This is another important signal of interest earned by EnerSHIFT throughout Europe.
“This award shows that we are on the right track”, explained the regional councillor for building and
construction Marco Scajola. “EnerSHIFT represents a new cultural vision, where the public body does
not bid a project but a saving, and where those taking part in the competition have the burden of
making not only the financial investment but also the technical project design through which to
achieve the target. We are very satisfied that this experience has been selected as a national best
practice for replication”.

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