ESCO: established a new Agreement with the banks to favour credit access

In order to promote the credit access of the ESCOs (Energy Service Company) that intend to take part in and/or are awarded the EnerSHIFT tender for the improvement of  building energy efficiency, a dedicated agreement with the banking system of the region of Liguria has been established from the side of FI.L.S.E (regional agency for financial development)

FILSE, assisting the Region and the territorial entities in the design, definition and implementation of the policies and the interventions supporting the regional economic system, has been appointed* of providing specialist consultancy support for the review of opportunities and critical issues linked to the financiability of the interventions of energy refurbishment foreseen by the EnerSHIFT project.

Signing the agreement, the bank is committed to evaluate at market conditions the needs expressed by the Companies and to apply to the Companies favorable conditions.

In addition, the bank will have to identify and communicate to FI.L.S.E a contact person appointed to support the ESCOs, in order to provide information, potentially evaluate the granting of credit and indicate the presence of specific financing products addressed to the ESCOs. The agreement can be signed by all the banks registered to the national bank register having at least one active desk in Liguria region territory. The agreement filled in and signed will have to be delivered, in two originals, to  FI.L.S.E. S.p.a. – Piazza De Ferrari, 1 – 16123, Genoa. For further information it is possible to contact Mr Fabrizio Repetto, through the following contact details tel. 010.8403343 – e-mail: [email protected].


* Decreto Dirigenziale n. 5889 of 13.12.2016.

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