Liguria region

Il Settore Programmi Urbani Complessi ed Edilizia, project leader, is part of the Territorial Vice General Directorate.

It is responsible for urban renewal and social housing programmes, financing public works and the construction and/or recovery of public and private dwellings (under outside contract agreements).

It drafts laws and regulations for housing and urban renewal and defines the criteria for managing the public housing stock.

Stazione Unica Appaltante Regionale (SUAR) was created in 2012 as part of the central purchasing body operating within the Liguria regional general administration. It was established to oversee all tender processes for the acquisition of goods and services by the Region, local agencies and companies owned by the region.

The aim is to optimise the economic, financial and human resources used in bureaucratic procedures and to improve the impartiality and transparency of administrative activities.


Regione Liguria

Programmi urbani complessi:
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