Aziende Regionali Territoriali per l’Edilizia (ARTE)

The 4 ARTE manage most of the regional social housing stock as well as housing under agreement, assign housing to eligible applicants and overseebuilding works and maintenance.

In 1998, the 4 ARTE became economic public authorities, instrumental to the Liguria Region, with legal status, entrepreneurial and asset management, organisational and accounting autonomy.

As institutional bodies they operate in territorial use and transformation activities andperform functions transferred or delegated to them by the Region.

The four Ligurian ARTE are members of FEDERCASA, the national network of 114 Italian social housing construction and management operators.


ARTE Genova
[email protected]
+39 010 5390251
Riferimento: T. Guglielmi

ARTE Savona
[email protected]
+39 019 84101
Riferimento: G. Rossello

ARTE Imperia
[email protected]
+39 0183 76961
Riferimento: A. Gamanets

ARTE La Spezia
[email protected]
+39 0187 56681
Riferimento: L. Trapani

Info and Contacts

Giuseppe Sorgente


[email protected]

[email protected]


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